Project management

  • Characterization


    Extal’s engineers are with backgrounds in materials technology, technical physics and chemistry. Our engineering department aims to offer support in the first steps of customers’ technical development product processes, they are fully focused on customer needs and they understand the various market kinds and the special modes both local and international.

    Our skilled staff will also provide support on-site to reassure you for your team and make sure that the right decisions are being made and to give solutions on site so that the product matches the project`s needs.

  • Development


    Extal’s skilled and exprienced engineers will develope a product while they are fully focused on customer needs.

    With the completion of the characterization stage and understanding of customer needs begins the R & D (development stage according to specifications.
    R&D expands, develops and fits existing and new systems it deals with finding solutions in order to adjust the product to the project. At the end of R&D process we receive the complete product.

  • Assimilation


    Extal`s teams of exports accompany the manufacturer, entrepreneur and architect in order to ensure that production and assembly of the product are made in accordance to the characterization stage and that the product quality is not compromised, the team will also provide solutions to issues on siteif necessary.

    Extal`s professional staff are building work processes for all elements in order to assist the implementation process and will lead to the success of the project. At the end of the implementation process quality checks are made to ensure that the product is properly combined.

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