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The continuous development of manufactured products has led to a demand for lightweight raw materials that can withstand natural damage and are stress-resistant.



Aluminum's physical qualities include high strength (comparable to steel), light weight, waterproof, and variable hardness levels. Aluminum can be extruded in complex and unique profiles with great precision and repeatability.  These are just some of the factors that have led to the increased demand for aluminum profiles in the industrial sector. Extal is an authorized supplier of aluminum profiles to the security industries, where a particularly high level of precision and performance is required. Extal has an extensive list of standard shapes and sizes that are used in the machining process. These sizes include round and square bars, tubes, channels and angles.


Standard Shape Profiles


Extal has over 2000 different standard shapes.

Complementing our custom extrusions, Extal also provides a wide range of standard shaped profiles including flat and round bars, angles, tubes (round, square and rectangle), I and H shaped profiles and more.




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