• Budget

    Installing or replacing windows and doors in your home can be a big investment. You should establish your budget even before beggining your project.

    Budgetory Considerations

    Establishing your budget should be done before you begin your project. Installing or replacing windows and doors is a large investment but installing high quality, energy efficient replacement windows have been annually demonstrated to be an excellent investment. According to the 2007 Cost vs Value Report homeowners can expect to recoup an average of 80% for window replacement.


    Look for Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

    Since todays energy efficient windows and doors can also

    - Reduce energy consumption.

    - Reduce drafts improving the comfort of your home.

    - Improve natural light and reduce glare.

    - Help you take advantage of solar heat gain in cold climates or minimize it in hot climates.

    - Provide years of easy operation and weatherproofing.

    - Drastically minimize care and maintenance.

    - Reduce noise.

    - Reduce window condensation.

    - Protect draperies, carpets and upholstery from fading or discoloring.

  • Maintanance

    Extal's aluminum windows and doors are designed to serve you well for many years to come. They are designed for low maintanance, however with just a little care and attention you can rest assured of continual superior performance form our windows and doors.

    Frame Cleaning

    To keep your frames in top-notch condition we recommend  cleaning with mild soapy water with a car wash brush. Never use abrasive or acidic cleaners as they can cause permanent damage to the frame surface finish. Wipe dry when finished.


    Glass Cleaning

    Use s non-ammonia based cleaner designed for glass surface cleaning. Whilst applying moderate pressure, clean window in a circular motion. Rinse window with clear water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.  Never use on a window or patio door caustic chemicals, putty knives or abrasive scouring pads.


    Care After Cleaning

    We recommend to lubricate periodically all components of our sliding windows and doors e.g tracks and rollers. To remove all dirt and debris from the tracks of all sliding doors and windows we recommend to vacuum from time to time to ensure smooth running. Regularly checking of the weatherseal to ensure that the windows and doors are airtight.


    By maintaining the correct humidity level within ones home will prevent excessive internal condensation helping to prolong the life of your window. By checking seals, using extractor fans and dehumidifiers this can all help to reduce any excess moisture in the air.

    Maintanance of Window and Door Drainage

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