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Extal produces and maintains all of its dies for the production of profiles.


Extal produces and maintains all of its dies for the production of profiles.  Having a die shop enables Extal to be fully independent, ensuring that Exal has full control over the most important tool in the manufacturing process.  Extal's engineering department works closely with the die shop.  This relationship enables Extal to constantly learn more about die making and aluminum extrusion.  This knowledge enables Extal to continue to push the envelope and create increasingly complex profiles and dies

After the authorization of the various drawings, including the die’s design, the process of producing the die begins. The die is actually the “nozzle” through which the aluminum billet is forced during extrusion. The die is made of steel that has unique chemical properties (H-13). Extal's die shop is one of the most modern and advanced in the industry. The long, complicated process of producing a die is carried out using the following die shop tools.

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