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    As a window and patio door dealer, you strive to provide the best options for your customers. Offering Extal's extensive range of windows and doors allows your customers an opportunity to own the best window and doors available. Below is a list of reminders for dealers on how best to effectively promote our products so that it is not seen as just another window and door product.

    Promote Quality Products

    Rule number one is don't push cheap bog-standard products as a first plan of attack as this can back fire and make you look like the cheap guy. A lot of potential customers think they want the bog-standard range of windows and doors and it is easy to close those sales. As a dealer your intention should be to promote high end products and you will end up closing many of those sales and keep customers from going to a long list of your competitors who promote bog-standard products.


    Invest in Your Showroom

    Rule number two is don't be skimpy when it comes to your showroom. The best way that you can get your customer to upgrade to high end products is to display them in a full size context. By dressing up your displays with attractive flooring and wall coverings, the customer is mor easily able to invisage Extal windows and doors in their home environment.


    Be Thoroughly Knowledgable About Our Product

    Another important point to stress is the need for the dealer and their staff to be immersed in the nuances of the product line. It is the little things that add up to set Extal apart from its competitors. Successful dealers recognise that closing sales demands thorough understanding of all the intricases of the product line.


    Creating a Market Share 

    This is an important point to note that creating a market share at the grass roots level of construction will help to keep sales boyant. Establishing a repoir with architects that can validate your track record means that once a project materialises you assured of an order. It is vitally important to be proactive and not wait around for the phone to ring.

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