As part of Extal’s efforts to expand into the transportation industry, during 2014 Extal was TS 16949 certified

Extal is constantly enhancing our technologies in order to provide 'out of the box' solutions to complex problems.  Extal's engineers are experts in aluminum and can work with you to determine the best alloy for your specific needs.  Extal is capable of supplying aluminum products for passenger vehicles, busses, trucks and rail transport.



The use of aluminum in manufacturing cars is now increasing, mostly due to the growing need for lighter cars that are fuel-efficient and are environmentally friendly.  Aluminim is playing a large factor within improving the environment by reducing CO2 and greenhouse gas emission in the automotive industry.  Aluminum is strong like steel, but only one third the weight.  This high strength-to-weight ratio can significantly reduce a vehicle's weight and lead to huge savings in gas mileage without compromising on structural strength.


Passenger Vehicles:

In addition to the environmental and fuel economy benefits, the use of aluminum has a large impact on vehicle safety.  In car accidents involving automobiles where aluminum is featured in the car body design, aluminum's flexibility enables passengers to remain safe as the car body absorbs the crash force and energy.


Busses and Trucks:

Extal's 4000 ton press combined with advanced fabrication equipment gives Extal the ability to produce large structural profiles for busses and other means of public transportation.

Extal's custom packaging and shipping methods enables world-wide just in time delivery of small orders.  In addition to providing structural profiles like in public transportation, Extal can provide assemblies such as window frames, heat sinks and more.


Rail Transport:

Through innovation and design, Extal is able to supply aluminum products world-wide for both the train and station applications in small quantities.  Extal can assemble complex products based on extruded aluminum profiles.



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