Paint Factory

The facility is equipped with a complete line of pretreatment solutions, using chrome free, environmentally friendly chemicals. Our line allows full traceability of batches.

The paint facility uses Corona spray guns which creates electromagnetic fields around the profile and produces a complete implementation of paint on the metal surface.

We are using different kinds of paints including Akzo Nobel D3000 powder, which achieves the highest level of Florida testing for paint.

The painted profiles can be packaged in many different ways including shrink wrap and carton packaging.



Satin finish  (S)

The satin color shades have a matt appearance giving them a low shine level. The satin colors blend well with current interior design trends.


Grain finish (G)

The shades on this fan have a unique grainy and granulated texture. This particular finish was developed in tandern with the Belgian profiles to complete the ironwork look of the window.


Metallic finish (M)

The shades in the metallic range are smooth in texture with a metallic sparkle. These colors are being constantly developed and advanced resuting in a low shine level. They are used in large projects involving curtain wall construction and also in residential towers.


Quality paint

After you invest thought into choosing the color of the window, we will ensure that that particular shade and color will last for years to come. Here at Extal we only use the highest quality color from AKZO NOBEL and UNIVERCOL companies. The technology ensures the colors are highly resistance to climate conditions and air pollution.

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